gift guide for conscious consumers by slhr photography

Gift Guide for People Who Care

gift guide for conscious consumers by slhr photography

Conscious Consumption for the Holidays

The past few years I have cut back dramatically on my purchasing and also been committed to purchasing from companies that actually contribute to creating a healthier global world as opposed to most main stream brands who’s sole purpose is to maximize profits at the expense of workers, consumers, and the environment. I look for fair trade, environmentally friendly practices, and excellent working conditions. These companies may or may not produce in the US.

This post is not sponsored but there are some links that I might get free socks or some other store credit if you purchase via my link.

Bombas socks gift guide for consumers who care by slhr photography

Bombas Socks have changed my life. And this company donates one pair of socks for every pair purchased. I never knew that socks didn’t have to be so sucky and slippy-downy and what not.  These stay in place while I run, the no slip no,show socks do exactly as described, the crew socks are great, and I just ordered the merino wool for the winter and CANNOT WAIT!


Pact organic sweat pants in slhr photography gift guide for consumers who care

PACT makes fair trade organic cotton clothing basics. These sweat pants are a dream. I bought them for Kevin last year and love them so much I bought some for myself as well. Use this link for 20% off and free shipping!

framebridge gift guide for consumers who care slhr photography

Have you heard of Framebridge? I’m obsessed with their services. They make framing So. Easy. They are also an entirely US based company. This also offers so many gift opportunities.  You can have favorite photos, art, heirlooms, etc. framed for  your loved ones. For example, I did a reading last year in my best friend’s wedding. The reading was actually from a letter her grandmother wrote her. I held onto the letter afterwords and had it framed and sent to her via Framebridge. Another example, this Christmas I’m having a note my dad wrote as a child for his parents framed. You can even have Instagram pictures framed for as cheap as $39. They will even print for you at no extra cost. Use this link here for $20 off your first order.


lip conditioner in gift guide for consumers who care by slhr photography

Really anything from Beauty Counter is an excellent gift for the conscious consumer. These are clean, non-toxic products. They are a Certified B Corp. And their stuff rocks. This lip conditioner is my favorite lip balm ever. It helps dry, winter lips so much and is perfect for a stocking stuffer or secret santa gift. I like the Calendula but I think Peppermint would be popular with many this time of the year. My friend Sarah is a consultant. Click on the links above to purchase from her.


gift guide by slhr photography

I love that Everlane is high end, yet fairly priced. Everlane cares about the quality of life of their manufacturers. And they make gorgeous professional clothing. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a pair of these day heels. They are leather lined and all the reviews suggest they are super comfy. I’d go with the silver velvet which would look great for holiday parties. Purchase through my link here.


Let me know if you end up purchasing anything! Happy Holidays!

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