baby girl mini session by slhr photography

Baby Eva’s Mini Session

A Beautiful Baby Girl’s at Home Mini Session

Okay, so this is actually my home, not baby Eva’s, but it’s still a home session. When searching for inspiration for how I wanted to document little Eva’s presence in the world, I knew I didn’t want to wrap her up in muslin and stick her in a basket. That can be cute, but it’s just not my style. I like my photos to reflect real life. To appear to capture those every day moments you experience but are so fleeting you could never grab them up with your I-phone.

One of the best things about this shoot was having the privilege of showing mom and dad what they look like interacting with their sweet baby girl.  No I-phone photographer can do that in your daily lives. One of the reasons I believe so strongly in high quality photography is just that. These are photos that Sarah and Cam will keep for a lifetime. When Eva is grown up and has a family of her own, she can cherish this photos as well. And her kids and so on.

This brings me to another important point. Print your photos! Technology fails all the time. And Facebook likely won’t be the thing we are using in 50 years. Printed photos become family heirlooms. Screens do not. Print your photos, hang them up, make a printed album before it all gets away from you. You only truly need 1-2 good shots to print and cherish. Do it and thank me later by booking a session for more heirloom quality photos to last generations.

And to that effect, I’ve got a challenge for you today. Post a comment below (on the blog, Facebook doesn’t count), and if we can get baby Eva to 10 comments, Sarah and Cam will get a free archival quality 8×10 print of their choosing.

baby girl mini session by slhr photography in Indiana

baby girl mini session by slhr photography in Indiana

baby girl mini session by slhr photography in Indiana


  1. Love these pictures! Not only of Eva, but both of her parents interacting with her. I love all of them very much! Thank you.

  2. I just need to pick which ones I want to hang. I already have them as my computer background at work. We live them and will cherish them forever.

  3. Eva is growing so fast. I’m happy you captured these beautiful pictures. My granddaughter is so sweet and precious and I love these pictures. Guess i need to pick one too😉

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